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Why We Do What We Do and Our Promise To You

In the professional finance world many products are pushed on clients when they aren’t needed.

Wall Street was built on providing liquidity for capital markets. It’s improved many aspects of our lives and the economy. But in the process, bankers and advisors created thousands of ways to take money from their clients. Derivatives, insurance on everything, bundled products, etc.

Financial transactions should have come down in price with technology. Yet today, intermediation is more expensive. It’s counter intuitive.

The U.S. financial industry accounted for under 3% of GDP in 1950. Today it’s closer to 8%.

Developed countries financial sectors become bloated. Doctors, engineers and other inventors gravitate towards working in finance. It’s simply pays more… but at the opportunity cost of saving lives and building new technology.

Investment advisors and wealth managers fuel financial sector growth. They push many unnecessary products on clients. When they do help clients find what they need, better options are usually available.

I simply couldn’t accept a job that required me to sell products I didn’t believe in.

That’s what pushed me towards financial newsletters. One newsletter can help many people through scale, while minimizing the subscription costs. If we provided the same information in a classroom setting, it would cost thousands of dollars.

Folks that subscribe are achievers that want to learn and succeed. Our educational resources and research can help our subscribers save and earn hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Unlike most advisors, we don’t accept commissions or fees from companies we recommend. We believe it’s the most honest way to do business.

Our promise is to recommend great companies at trading cheap prices. We strive to minimize losers and maximize winning positions. In the process, we provide timeless education and help set you on a path to financial freedom.


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